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What if President Obama...

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Islam has practice a technique of warfare called guile (which means deception) at the very beginning of it's campaign to convert and spread war into Northern Africa. According to this site historyofjihad.org

the Nubian warriors used that technique against them in 662 to prevent them from conquering the Sudan.

In my opinion I believe that because of the Guile technique that they use it's possible the Jihadist radical Muslims entered this Country through the slave trade and through the immigrants that came through Ellis Island hiding under the banner of being 'Christian' or being an Irish immigrant but they're sleeping. They're sleeping cells that have lasted for generations upon generations waiting for a signal to move.

I believe that the President is Christian like he says but what if he wasn't. And playing Devil's advocate further into non-fiction land...what if he turns out to be a member of Isis or another radical Islamist group? He could really F' up the whole Black Nation's mentality for hundreds of years.

Just imagine if he became one of those suicide bombers and took out other leaders around the World at the G12 summit. This would shock and sadden the World and break everybody spirits which is exactly want they want.

We are at the end of Obama's time as President and he still appears to be very standoffish towards the Black Community. He has a large black female staff that works for him but I still do see him embracing groups like the NAACP or the Souther Poverty Center.

Maybe the NAACP should check up on him to see if he's good?