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Chuckii Booker appreciation thread

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Had to make this thread to show Chuckii Booker some love. I always felt he was part of the last generation of 'real' r & b artists. R & b artists from the mid to late 90's were cool and you had some vocalists out there, but rap and r & b started to merge. Writing went from being slick to being 🤬 . Now we got these n*ggas who can't sing and are interchangeble with rappers. We got writers trying to be vocalists.

Chuckii never got his due IMO. This brother is and was a multi talented artist. He did it all. Produce, sing, write. He had a few hits too back in the day.

Chuckii Booker - Turned Away

Chuckii Booker - I love u

Chuckii Booker - Games

Mark Morrison got the concept and baseline from this joint.

Come in here and show love plus feel free to add on.


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