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Ur Most Favorite Scheme In Sports

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Whats your most favorite Offense or Defensive Scheme in Sports? It can be any sport, and describe why its your favorite.

For me its the Tampa 2. It requires intelligence and discipline. Neededing 2 Corners willing to tackle and play shallow zone. 2 safteys willing to play 2 deep zone with speed and 🤬 skills. A middle linebacker with speed and good play rec. Two Outside linebackers with speed, able to make form tackles and the ablility to cover shallow zones. A speed rusher at Left End, and a Stout Right End. A pass rusher at Right Defensive tackle and a run stuffer at Left Defensive tackle.

Its the easiest scheme to build from the bottom up seeing as you only really need guys with specific skill sets to do nothing more than what falls into their area of responsibilites. Youth isnt a definitive need.

Seeing as most the point is to keep the play infront of the defense, gang tackling also comes into play since the scheme allows for guys not to be spread thin.

Plus if you happen to get allstars with the skill set to fit it. Its only a plus, but they arent absolutely needed.