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Your Why is Your Drive

BigBallsNoWorries Members Posts: 5,461 ✭✭✭✭✭
Life is never simple, it's always presents itself as complex,
the need of large money and bad 🤬 craving sex,
to flex is a habit, its human nature to hate, on those to brag
and b prroud of the life that they create, not being selfish, is selfishness,
but not in the manner you know, those with no access to higher comprehension,
tend to appear that they're slow, why don't you want to ball?!?
Why not be that 🤬 that ppl claim to envy, a trill clever arrogant young 🤬 with $$$,
you know you want that life, it's glamorized in the media,
why front, you listen to all the other 🤬 that they're feeding ya,
why switch up now, switch up the range, you had it for a few months now,
my 🤬 it''s part of the game, you need to stay in the lead, materialism it breeds,
a bunch of 🤬 clamoring over about 🤬 they really don't need,
a 🤬 can't read well, hell but can read that tag on that label,
you stock up on that Gucci and Louie, but you're living a fable, as I get older
I realize the material things in life are a facade, a lie, now im starting to unravel
my purpose, the priceless question of "WHY"