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Its Time...WTF is Wrong With 2Stepzahead?

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I typically dont make theads like this but drastic times call for drastic measures. If this 🤬 🤬 himself we all got blood on our hands. ...the red flags are numerous:

There's the 'what if your wife disappeared and u found a 🤬 knife, where would you hide it. My homegirl wants to know' threads, then theres this...



The final straw, in Illpix this 🤬 wrote :

How about instead of just posting a 🤬 ....we add in the title what makes her threadworthy.

I think it will lead to discussions on if she just got a phat ass or 🤬 is overall fine.


Real talk, IC whats wrong with this 🤬 . @2stepzahead