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Next Call Of Duty Makes Black Ops III Feel Like “The Stone Age”

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Our favorite insider is back at it again with some potential new information about the upcoming Call of Duty from Infinity Ward.

Speaking to a user on NeoGAF regarding this year’s upcoming Call of Duty, Shinobi602 has dropped a few hints as to what exactly Infinity Ward is working on. If you were hoping for Call of Duty to go back to World War 2, you might be a tad disappointed with this new information.

According to Shinboi, the upcoming Call of Duty game will make Black Ops 3 “feel like the Stone Age” in comparison. The game is going “full on sci-fi” and will even apparently include space combat, which was seen briefly in Infinity Ward’s last Call of Duty entry, Ghosts.

Eggbok: Wasn’t Ghosts already sorta futuristic though? Not to the level of Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare but still there.

shinobi602: This makes Black Ops 3 feel like the stone age.Metaphorically of course.

El_Chino: Are we talking Battlefield 2142 style?

shinobi602: Very far future. Space combat. Full on sci-fi.

Shinobi has been very reliable when it comes to insider information like this. He previously provided details on numerous titles, most notably Guerrilla Game’s Horizon: Zero Dawn. As per usual with rumors though, take the information with a grain of salt for now. We should be hearing more about the next Call of Duty entry very soon as it’s about that time of year.

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