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Tna turnin tna into ecw?

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Wtf is goin on? Shane douglass n 🤬


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    At this time, the wrestlers confirmed to appear are Jerry Lynn (who announced on his website that he’ll be fighting TNA Champion Rob Van Dam in the main event), 2 Cold Scorpio, Sandman, Sabu, Johnny Swinger and Bill Alphonso.

    It’s confirmed that Lance Storm, Tajiri, Super Crazy and Amish Roadkill will not be appearing.

    Former ECW stars who are currently working in TNA scheduled to appear include Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, Team 3D, 🤬 Foley, Raven, Rhino, Stevie Richards, Al Snow, and Simon Diamond.

    Stars from the original ECW that are still active in wrestling include Shane Douglas, Terry Funk, Justin Credible, Axl Rotten, 🤬 Mahoney, The Blue Meanie, CW Anderson, Danny Doring, Kid Kash, 🤬 , Spike Dudley and Steve Corino.

    - TNA President Dixie Carter wrote the following on Twitter over the weekend regarding the PPV:

    “🤬 Justice pay-per-view card looks amazing. Not sure who Tommy is going to announce. Stay tuned.”

    Last I remember, CW Anderson retired because he had a tryout with the WWE and he almost killed himself to be look their standard (rapid weight loss and steroids), and he quit the business when he was released from his developmental deal. Shane Douglas is a shell of himself and battling addiction. Terry Funk hasn't wrestled since that last WWE/"ECW" One Night Stand. Justin Credible is pulling a bunch of no-shows and stealing appearance fees to start his own wrestling organization; he's been extremely unreliable as of late. Steve Corino said he wasn't even asked to make an appearance. Everyone else is like.........eh...

    This is going to be a 🤬 show. And with no New Jack.........fail.......
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    I thought threadstarter didnt watch TNA.. which is it?
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    Yo ima check forthis 🤬 ... I want new jack and jazz to some out to money power an respect to bring 98 back!!
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    smh @ steve corino appearin @ no ecw reunion sho..🤬 is very underrated to the success of original ecw....

    i bet lance storm still could put on a good match...
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    Justin Credible is pulling a bunch of no-shows and stealing appearance fees to start his own wrestling organization

    Mr. Credible pulled another no show Saturday night April 30th 2011. After asking for his fee up front, He no showed Pro Wrestling Onslaught. The show went on fine without him.
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