What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

POST YOUR VOICE...........IN 2016

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Kat wrote: »
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Yep that's a nipple

"Shes got a man" lmaooo


I got a couple...you still single, lil guy?

Lol thats that white boy SD surfer language. No 🤬 talks like that

He's not white, but yes..Cali dudes have a special way of speaking. It's funny.

Say whaaaaaaat?? If anything we sound normal compared to those 🤬 🤬 in the south and don't even get me started on sewer rat New york.

🤬 it. Everybody post yall voice.


Introduce yourself
spit a verse
say something to that one poster you've always wanted to speak about ether is always welcome
give a shout out
say something..anything

What do you have to say to the world?