What's up everybody! Just a quick message. We will be relaunching AllHipHop.com with the goal of keeping the community front and center. I have worked with Jamal and select moderators, to make sure The Illl Community's needs are being addressed as we evolve. We are encouraging you to use the new platform.

We will NOT be closing the current community, but we will be porting user data over to the new system over time, so please get used to using the new community!

We will be working on it every single day until it's exactly what you want!

Please feel free to join now, test, as we are in beta:


Ayo Jack Let's Have Some Words

SunflowaSeedsSunflowaSeeds Posts: 12,210 ✭✭✭✭✭
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Let me find out what's your deal Brotato Chip.

I'm having a hard time figuring out if you are a fan of mine, in a good way. At times it seems you appreciate my shit, pause. But other times I feel like you a Stan, in a bad way. Like you be watching my every move a bit too closely.

It's either one of those or maybe you trying to come up off the Seedz name? I been feeling like that lately, and it isn't the first time I thought it.

Be honest with me.
Chief Keef does NOT like fake shoes.


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