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why is genocide cutter so mad at this door

matches malone
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this 🤬 juggalo sent me this pic for some reason clear only to him. Obviously he has some unresolved beef with this door. Anyone know what it could be?

why is genocide cutter so mad at this door 44 votes

its the door to the closet he came out of
Dupacmatches maloneJusDre313ReppinTimeBobOblahVulcanRavenLou CypherBlackNeji971TrillfateBangEm_Bart Tsotsi Cape Town 11 votes
that door killed his mother and 🤬 his father
NCswagChillaDaGawd 2 votes
its locked and he cant get to his collection of Brawny paper towel wrappers (no towels, just wrappers scust)
Alpha_Ambition Recaptimus_Prime360BelovedAfeni 3 votes
he just came back from Narnia after going thru the door and was mad to find out they dont have any nigganudes
[Deleted User]infamous114jonoGhostdenithegawdillestni99ainneIdiopathic JokerBrideofKillaendboss 8 votes
he tried tape his artwork on the door and the door laughed
psychobutcher konceptjonesCashmoneyDuxSaitohBenjaminEHerbalVaporCapersThereal_ba 7 votes
its as flat and white as the women he posts about in illpix
hueyValentinez A. KaiserInglewood_BSplackavellionetoughmiraclebanginscrew901 6 votes
he tried to do a wrestling move on it but it wouldnt break cuz genocide prolly weighs 75 lbs wearing a wet north face jacket
KairoCo_Town_Michael 2 votes
some other reason. prolly about icp
nawledge_godMdizzle9000CeLLaR-DooRStoneColdMikeyThe_Jackal 5 votes