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Katt Williams Arrested For Throwing A Salt Shaker At Atlanta Testaurant Manager

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According to WSBTV, comedian Katt Williams was arrested for throwing a salt shaker at Atlanta restaurant manager.

"East Point police told Channel 2 Action News that officers responded around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday to a disturbance call at the Spondivits*restaurant on Virginia Avenue.

They said the restaurant manager's lips were bleeding. Police said the manager told them that Williams threw a salt shaker and hit him in the lip after Williams' group was denied preferential seating.

Police arrested Williams a short time later at a nearby Waffle House.

He was charged with battery and bonded out of the East Point jail early Thursday morning." - WSBTV


  • Trollio
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    Shake it like a salt shaker-ying yang twins
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    Lol... With every incident the IC capes become fewer and fewer
  • jetlifebih
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    He just need to hire somebody to express his displeasure

    I'll catch a couple misdemeanors for 60k+ a year...he waste that 🤬 in lawyer fees...
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    Trillfate wrote: »
    Lol... With every incident the IC capes become fewer and fewer


    These 🤬 hit the joint from Low Down 🤬 Shame


    You know who you 🤬 wit! Im Sony Rothmiller! I'll turn this 🤬 upside down! I know everybody! !!

    *Katt gets arested again*

    Iiiiiiii....was simply saying, that things were getting a little outta hand. ....
  • babelipsss
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    What drug is he on?
  • Stomp Johnson
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    I'm just here for the mugshot.
  • the dukester
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    Maaaaan. This 🤬 needs to be put in a straitjacket an put in a padded room with dudes with long white lab coats speaking "smoothly" into his ear, while pumping him with tranquilizers.
  • ChillaDaGawd
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    The illuminati gave him the wrong order
  • Recaptimus_Prime360
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    He... threw salt?

    Does everything have to be a joke with this 🤬 ..........?
  • Copper
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    “back up off me Lil boy"
  • silverfoxx
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    What's a "Testaraunt"?
  • Copper
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    silverfoxx wrote: »
    What's a "Testaraunt"?

    A restaurant that tests real 🤬
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    Edit: Ten people made this joke already.