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'Ghostbusters' Is The Most Disliked Movie Trailer In YouTube History



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    Nah not trolling or anything to do with the actresses this movie just seems really horribly written. The jokes are trash and the effects don't look that good at all. I also have an issue with everyone else being some type of phd background aside from the one black person who's skill is knowing the streets. The OG version everyone had a specific field of study and chemistry. That was a really horrible trailer.

    In the original I don't think Winston had a degree in anything..he was just looking for a steady paycheck remember lol

    Harold Ranmis talked about it on the dvd extras that he actually has a phd as well but the scene was deleted along with some other stuff.

    They speak on his profession in the video game which is the true successor to the original franchise.

    That video game is the 3rd film ..🤬 was dope
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    When the role was originally written for Eddie Murphy Winston had multiple degrees and a PhD. He was also the smartest out the bunch.

    When Eddie couldn't do it and Ernie got it the character lost that backstory and had his screen time reduced. They made him and everyman and he also lost a lot of his lines to Peter Venkman (Ie: "He slimed me.").

    Didn't get a PhD till the videogame. At least he still got one of the best quotes as an everyman ("I've seen 🤬 that'll turn you white.").

    I liked *if there's a steady paycheck in it I'll believe anything you say*......and I also read some that bill Murray wanted Hudson to have more screen time ..which he did get a lil more in GB2
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    Yeah I heard that as well.
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    the problem is that none of these women are actually funny. And leslie jones is embarassing to watch. Would it have been that unbelievable to make her one of the 3 main scientists, and McCarthy the screaming subway person? That seems more in line with the roles she usually takes anyway.

    imagine a reboot like this with actual good, funny actresses. I wouldve put Tracee Ellis Ross or even regina king instead of leslie jones at least.
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    It's not that they aren't funny. They could and have proven to be funny in the past with the right material. The problems are:

    1) The humor is broad and lowest common denominator as 🤬 which is out of character for the franchise.

    The backbone of Ghostbusters even the cartoons was always dry and sarcastic comedy with nuances not broad unsubtle comedy. So the soul of the IP is nowhere to be found.

    2) This is one franchise that set itself up for followups lovely via it's premise ("the franchise rights alone would make make us rich beyond our wildest dreams.")

    Yet they chose to reboot anyway while still remaking something which didn't ever call for a remake. A bad combination which not only turned off alot of the IP's few remaining loyal fans but has also turned off a lot the franchises casual fans as well.
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    It doesnt look so bad. I dont see whats the issue.

    This. But then again I've never seen the original so i have nothing to compare this to.
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    if i can find a bootleg and a fat 🤬 with her own crib i'll check it out
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    I aint scared of no ghost!
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    damn most hated trailer, thats pretty tough
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    It doesnt look so bad. I dont see whats the issue.

    This. But then again I've never seen the original so i have nothing to compare this to.

    Yea watch the original first ...even part 2 which gets hate ..but I enjoyed part 2just as much as the original