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Former OK Pastor Turned Teacher Beat Students, Then Hugged, Prayed With Them

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On May 20, Rocky Walker, a former pastor who teaches history at Pauls Valley Junior High School in Oklahoma, was arrested on child abuse charges.

According to police Walker physically assaulted at least two students.

One student, a 15-year-old boy, was pinned against a wall, placed in a headlock and struck repeatedly.

The 15-year-old victim was assaulted at the teacher’s home. KFOR reports that Walker had asked the student to come to his home to help him paint.

Walker also assaulted a 16-year-old student inside his classroom at the Oklahoma junior high school.

The student told police that Walker kept him in the classroom during lunch as a punishment.

During an interview with KFOR, Pauls Valley assistant police chief, Derrick Jolley, described the assault:

“Mr. Walker placed his hand on his shoulder and then struck him several times in the back. When he was done, Mr. Walker hugged him, prayed with him, apologized and sent him on his way.”

According to police, the students had bruises and other injuries which were consistent with their statements.

The two students both came forward with reports of assault on the same day, although the attacks were separate and unrelated.

It’s very likely that other students have been abused by the teacher, but may have been afraid to come forward.

During the interview with KFOR, Assistant Police Chief Jolley stressed the seriousness of the allegations, saying:

“This is very serious. It’s alarming. When someone that is in a position of authority that has all these kids around him, he’s actually well-respected and looked up to by a lot of people, a lot of these kids. And, for him to take something to this level, it’s a serious deal.”

Typically, some residents of Pauls Valley refuse to believe the students or police, claiming that Walker could never “do something like that,” because he’s a “Godly man.”

In spite of the fact that nearly every day we read about ‘Godly men’ who sexually assault children, or who use the Bible as justification for physical abuse, torture, even murder, there are still people who believe that everyone who quotes a Bible verse is a ‘good person.’

Walker entered a not guilty plea on Monday. He was released from custody on a $10,000 bond.