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Batman and Green Lantern....

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i had no idea these 🤬 beef.... 🤬 hilarious....

here's batman knocking out latern guy gardner

here's john stewart having enough of batman's disrespect for the gawd hal jordan.....


and here's the Gawd jordan himself finally laying hands on bats....

guy couldn't wait to say "one punch"


bruh, i'm really just starting to read a lot of DC 🤬 , and i never knew these 🤬 had this kind of tension...i think i overlooked it on all the animated series i've watched over the years.....from JL to JLU to both solo series, and even the animated movies...i've never picked up on those two having these kind of issues with eachother.....

🤬 's 🤬 hilarious, and i've be laughing my ass off reading this 🤬