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Robert Downey Jr Is Joining Season 3 Cast Of Mr. Robot

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'Mr. Robot' Spoilers: Robert Downey Jr. To Join Cast Of USA Show?

Will Robert Downey Jr. join the cast of "Mr. Robot?" (Photo : Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy)

"Mr. Robot" star Rami Malek said that even though they're still working on season 2, series creator Sam Esmail already has his sights on season 3. The actor said Esmail is already looking into getting Michael Shannon for a prospected third run.

"The other day we were talking about Michael Shannon and Sam said, 'I really want to use him for this role I'm writing for season 3 and..." Malek told*Los Angeles Times. "And I'm like, 'You're there already there? That's the head space you're in? I need you right here. Episode 3 of season 2."

But could there be another star that might join the show in the next season. Robert Downey Jr., who is most popularly known for playing Iron Man, went to the set of the hit USA Network series recently.

"We had Robert Downey Jr. come to the set the other day," Malek told*Entertainment Weekly. "He loves the show ... I asked him if he would consider doing anything in season three."

The actor added: "He didn't rule it out."

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Malek also shared his admiration for the actor, saying: "Obviously, I have been so inspired by him. That's just the role model for any actor and to have him come nad want to see some of the show and hanging out and talk is just a huge compliment."

While there's still no guarantee that Downey will join the cast — or that the show will be picked up for another season after the upcoming one ends — fans can still look forward to seeing new adventures and new people in season 2.

Among the new actors that will grace the show are Grace Gummer, Joey Bada$$, Chris Conroy, Aasif Mandvi, Sandrine Holt, Michael Maize, Dorothi Fox and Luke Robertson.

"Mr. Robot" season 2 premieres July 13 on USA