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Berserk season 2.....Finally!!!!!!!!

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It's been a LONG time coming. Word to Sam Cooke.

For those that don't know Berserk is a manga/anime about a man named Guts who is seeking revenge against Griffith for betraying his comrades. The manga is still ongoing to this day. The original anime series cam out in 1998, but din't come to the states until 2002. The anime was great, but if left a few of things out of the manga. A trilogy of Berserk anime movies came out in 2012, which were terrible and cut a lot of material out. I suggest if you're going to get into this, read the manga, and watch the anime series. (season 1) Avoid the movie trilogy. Here are all the episodes from season 1. There are 25 episodes:

Now we have season 2, which takes place right after season 1. It just dropped yesterday. Here's episode 1: