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Rockstar’s “The Warriors” Comes Out To Play On PS4 In HD

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UPDATE: My 🤬 , just a few minutes after posting our article it seems that the game has gone live for EU users of the PSN. Expect tomorrow to have it stateside.

Rockstar did something very unpredictable when adapting The Warriors in video game format back during the PS2 generation. Not only was it a curious choice, it actually turned out to be a great beat em’ up that respected the source material greatly. Its become somewhat of a cult-classic just similarly to the movie its based on and it had an almost port-perfect edition come to the PSP

The leak comes by way of PSNProfiles where certification has leaked the trophies. While absent of a Platinum, we can expect the game to be upscaled for the PS4 in tone with the GTA and Bully ports Rockstar also released.