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I had a discussion with a friend yesterday

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I visted a one day homie. Friendship since 15 years.. I hadnt seen him in 3 years..
We had a argument bout Mobb Deep vs Nas.. He said that Prodigy is the greatest rapper ever and I said Nas. He said Nas was fake because he didnt shot Jay Z after Takeover i think that was lame. I said that it was enough to respond with Ether and that he didnt had to shoot Jay but he kept sayin that Nas was fake, lame and that if Jay said something bout Prodigy like that daughter line he would actually 🤬 Jay z..hell no..NAS won and ETHER IS THE ULTIMATE GOAT SONG.Anyway this friend just kept goin sayin Nas was fake and overrated and that Prodigy is the GOAT. I didnt agree at all so he kept goin Sayin Nas was fake so I actually took my bag and went home ...

Who is the better rapper?

I had a discussion with a friend yesterday 25 votes

Nas is the better rapper
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Prodigy is the better rapper
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