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Turkish Coup 2016: now with more hogtying

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    Which reminds me, speaking of regimes who torture prisoners......

    http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/thousands-turkey-coup-prisoners-🤬 -8485304

    Thousands of Turkey coup prisoners '🤬 , starved and hogtied'


    Amnesty International says it has ‘credible evidence’ Turkish police are holding detainees, denying them food, water and medical treatment and in the worst cases some have been subjected to severe beatings and torture.

    Turkish troops imprisoned after the failed military coup are being 🤬 , starved and left without water for days, it is claimed.

    Many of the 10,000 detainees are locked up in horses’ stables and sports halls - some hogtied in horrific stress positions, according to human rights campaigners.

    --Erdogan is an American ally and Turkey is a NATO member lol....along with France violating the civil rights of its own citizens, it seems the west has very little ground to stand on when it comes to Assad or anyone else.
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    This 🤬 was a godsend for Erdogan. He got to get rid of all his enemies, but also, very importantly, he got rid of American influence in the Turkish military. Ill get back to that soon.

    The coup was very ameturish. In Turkeys long history of coups, this was by far the worst planned one. How do you attempt a coup and the first thing you do is not capture the President and Prime Minister? They knew Erdogan was and bombed his hotel after he left and supposedly chased his plane with f-16s. How do you attempt a coup and not take over all media? And if you dont take over all of the media, how do you take over the one that is barely watched and leave cnn turk and allow erdogan to speak?

    How do you bomb Ankara but not bomb the palace? Turkish authorities supposedly found court filings the coup perpetrators had planned charging him with treason for negotiating with the PKK. Really? I feel like that works out getting public support for Erdogan a bit too much. In 2011, the Turkish airforce bombed a village called Roboski and killed 31 people. No one got charged. But now Erdogans govt is saying that the people who gave that order were a part of the coup and are now being charged. Remember the Russian plane that was downed? Blamed on coup perpetrators and now they are getting charged. Excessive force used against the Kurds? Blamed on them. Erdogan said the coup perpetrators planned to bomb the prison that the leader of the pkk was in to incite total war.

    🤬 sounds a bit too good for Erdogan doesnt it? Like my man acquited himself of all his crimes. How did they arrest 20k people RIGHT after the coup? Like how did you know they were involved?

    Whether Erdogan planned it or not, this 🤬 worked out so beautifully for him. He was able to consolidate all his power. He was able to finally take full control of the military, police, judicial system, and education. Prepare all the schools in Turkey to be transformed into Muslim Madrassas under Erdogan now.
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    Now, most importantly, the CIA has been involved in the Turkish Military for years. Look up 'Counter-Guerrilla.' which is the Turkish version of Operation Gladio.

    Very short background, Operation Gladio was a CIA operation in which the CIA would train and fund programs which put generals in place in foreign armies that would be able to fight Communism. These generals were also always on Americas side.

    In Turkey, this was called Counter-Guerrilla. They would cause strife and unease amongst all minorities and leftists in Turkey. This would help the military always remain in control. These counter guerrilla is what Erdogan calls the Deep State. They are all top generals and have infiltrated the Turkish Intelligence for years. They created groups called the Grey Wolves and JITEM that has been terrorizing Kurds for years. The reason was because Kurds were always a part of socialist movements and revolutions, the biggest fear of a communist regime in the middle east came from the Kurds because they were always Secular. Other peoples, including Turks, are highly Islamic and religion and communism was always incompatible.

    Anyway, since the late 60s, Turkish politicians have been trying to rid this American influence our of their military. Everytime they came close, a military coup took place. Everytime someone would start a congressional investigation, they got assasinated. Every time the opposing political parties tried to open a investigation, the political power in charge votes it down, regardless of which party was in power. Presidents who have talked about it were either assasinated or had assasination attempts right after they mentioned it.

    Now with this coup, once it failed, Erdogan purged all these Generals that were a part of this Operation Gladio.

    So Erdogan has accomplished what no other Turkish politician was able too and got even more power. Crazy

    Btw, Operation Gladio and Counter-Guerrilla isnt some conspiracy. This happened and happens in many countries, Turkey is just one example. Yall could look it up.
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    @AZTG I started feeling the same way when Erdogan started firing all of his opponents. Thousands of them. Made me think that he had a list of folks to get rid of if the opportunity ever presented itself.

    Then his opportunity pops up and now he has more personal power than any other non military installed politician since what, Atatürk?

    That's crazy also about the plot to bomb the prison Apo is in. Would have made an already messy situation way more so
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    @AZTG I started feeling the same way when Erdogan started firing all of his opponents. Thousands of them. Made me think that he had a list of folks to get rid of if the opportunity ever presented itself.

    Then his opportunity pops up and now he has more personal power than any other non military installed politician since what, Atatürk?

    That's crazy also about the plot to bomb the prison Apo is in. Would have made an already messy situation way more so

    The thing with Apo is that nobody has been able to visit him in prison since the coup attempt. Reports came out that the coup perpetrators wanted to bomb his prison, and who knows, they actually might have. Erdogans govt hasnt been able to give a clear answer on if Apo is ok or not.

    Anybody that knows Turkish politics and society knows that the only other person aside from Erdogan that could bring Turkish society down to its knees is Apo. If reports come out that Apo died, the streets of Turkey will burn.

    Before Apo got jailed, Apo was the PKK. He really is a mythical figure for Kurds and the person that holds the most power over the Kurds. When Apo got caught, experts figured that would be the end of Apo, but instead, Apo became a stand alone figure of influence. If you ask the Kurds in Turkey, they will say that the Kurdish movement has 3 interdependent but independent heads. These are in order of power, Apo, the PKK, and the HDP. Whenever the Kurds talks about a peace processes they say that it must be something Apo, the PKK and the HDP seperatly must agree with, but the PKK and HDP will never dare to go against Apo because 1. They also hold him in as high regard as a religion might hold a prophet, but 2. And more importantly, the pkk and hdp will lose status and influence in a second if they go against Apo.

    The Turkish state put more power in Apos hand then they actually wanted too. They figured they could control Apo in prison and in doing so control the Kurds. They put all this pressure on whatever was going on and pushed the narrative that only Apo can stop the Kurds from fighting the state, and made Apo more influential then he already was, the issue is that this back fired when Apo didnt do what the state asked. So, ever since the conflict with the PKK started, no one has been allowed to see Ocalan. For the Kurds, this is concerning, but its something they were used too.

    But now, after reports came out that the coup perpetrators wanted to bomb Apos prison, the Kurds are getting restless. If it turns out that Apo is killed, there will, unfortunately, be riots and war in Turkey like it has never been before. Im hoping that doesnt happen.
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    Oh and btw, there are reports coming out today that the people behind the coup attempt are the ones that killed those 2 police officers in 2015 and blamed in on the PKK, which was ofcourse the reason the peace process came to a stop and all out war began.

    Im sure it will soon be reported that the bombs ISIS were able to detonate over the 2 years in Tuekey was because of rhe coup perpetrators too. There were always reports that the bombs that went off in Suruc and Ankara that targetted Kurds had at the very least been known by the turkish govt but they turned a blind eye to it purposefully cause it played into Erdogans hand.

    For example, the father of the suicide bomber that blew himself up and killed 103 Kurds in Ankara went to the authorities just days before and begged them to jail his son. He told them his son came back from Syria a changed man and was planning on letting off a bomb. They told his father not to worry about it. Few days later, he kills 103 people.

    So, my guess is that Erdogan is gonna blame the complacency of Turkish authorities and intelligence on the coup perpetrators as well to futher cleanse himself for all blame.

    Really is a set of incredible political moves by Erdogan. For as 🤬 up as he is, he really might be one of the best strategists of our time.
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    But do you see the metanarrative or nah?