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if a black man hates black women is he prejudice?

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after all ive been through with sistas,it got to the point that i hated black women.all i did was been nice to black women most of my life.theres dudes who mistreat the 🤬 out of black women and they get more love than me.I like mostly white women and latin women.am i wrong for liking white women and other races of women more than i do sistas?


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    another black women hate thread
    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favorite

    🤬 yall 🤬 looking 🤬
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    If a black woman respect you she will treat u right, if your soft and a 🤬 🤬 she will see that 🤬 a mile away and won't respect you. What you need to do is make better decisions in life, and learn how to read people.
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