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Whats some regular 🤬 you didnt know until recently

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  • TheGOAT
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    Some people stand up to wipe their ass

    That one baffles me
  • SmashinYourWaifu
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    TheGOAT wrote: »
    Some people stand up to wipe their ass

    That one baffles me

    I thought only women wiped their ass sitting down
  • Ajackson17
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    Didn't know the depth of my hate.
  • Ol Jay's
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    never realized pac said "since a man can't make one......"

    women ain't making babies by themselves
  • blackgod813
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    Its about thinkin for people an women dont like lovy dovy 🤬 all the time they like aggression an focus dont cry infront of them less somr one die an ignore them sum time
  • blackgod813
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    - Didn't that the Guynese government assassinated Walter Rodney

    - Didn't know that black holes in space contain other galaxies

    - Didn't know after I buss my 2nd nut, I start to look at the female as a bag of fluid, with bones running through it

    - Didn't know that some people don't use washcloths when they shower

    - Didn't know that some 🤬 consider young thug a "lyricist. "

    I thought wash clothes wasnt needed because of tv 🤬 found that out an triped apparently are skin different
  • Lou Cypher
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    Copper wrote: »
    85% of plant life is in the ocean

  • Idiopathic Joker
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    I wipe my ass standing up
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