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Colin Kaepernick refuses “to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people”...



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    Yea he still getting money so what's the difference
    he will be a share holder and a major player in papa johns

    PR for me has always meant 🤬
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    Ravens admit protest has led to fan no-shows

    OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- The Baltimore Ravens sent out a letter this week to season-ticket holders, suite holders and sponsors about the number of no-shows at M&T Bank Stadium this season, touching upon the national anthem protest as one potential reason for it.

    The letter, which was signed by team president 🤬 Cass, mentions how there have been empty seats in the past when the Ravens have struggled on the field. But this year is different with Baltimore in the midst of a playoff race.

    "The numbers [of no-shows] are higher, and it is noticeable," Cass wrote in the 656-word letter. "There are a number of reasons for the no-shows, but surely the one-time protest in London has been a factor."

    The Ravens' first national anthem protest as a team occurred in London on Sept. 24, when more than a dozen players knelt before the first NFL game of the day. That began a day-long chain of protests that came in the wake of President Donald Trump's critical comments and tweets on protests during the anthem.

    The following week in Baltimore, the Ravens knelt in prayer before standing for the anthem. Fans at M&T Bank Stadium booed the players when they took a knee.

    There have since been no more protests by the team.

    "We have responded to your concerns about the protest by re-doubling the efforts of both the organization and our players to make the Baltimore area a better community," Cass wrote.

    According to Cass, the Ravens reached out to a number of fans who wrote to the team or called about the protest. Cass also personally made a number of phone calls and met with some fans, the letter stated.

    "We want the Ravens to continue to be a strong, unifying force and source of pride in our community," Cass wrote. "When the Ravens win, we can bring families and the community together. We've done that before, and we can do it again.

    "In light of recent events, we are also reminded that winning alone is not always enough to make the Ravens the unifying force we want to be. We don't take your support for granted, and we know that we must continue to earn your respect and investment in us."

    In the letter, Cass underscores the history of success, including two Super Bowl championships, and the team's commitment to the community.

    The letter was sent out before Baltimore finishes out the regular season with home games against the Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals. If the Ravens win out, they will clinch their first playoff berth since 2014.

    "I think they're starting to get excited about this football team," coach John Harbaugh said after last Sunday's win over the Cleveland Browns, "so it should be fun in our stadium against the Colts next Saturday night."

    I bet the majority of the no-shows are whites from the suburbs of Baltimore.. Who probably believe Freddie Gray somehow magically killed him self in that police van.. And blacks folks are just making up stories about police brutality.. So those players have no right to protest...
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