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What Would You Do If a Random Stranger Pulled Out a Phone and Started Recording You in Public?

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(Let's say that this random stranger is a member of the same sex, same race, etc., as you)

It seems to me that most people become (irrationally?) angry when others record them in public. The reason for this anger seems somewhat obvious, especially in this digital age with all the camera phones, social media, exposés, and "worldstar" millennials.

But if recording someone in public is perfectly legal, then shouldn't a "law-abiding citizen" just accept it, or should one run the inevitable risk of escalating the situation to violence and then being charged (which is why I'm surprised that lowlifes haven't exploited this for fraud: just point your phone in someone's face, get punched, and then sue him)?

So should recording someone in public be legal? If so, would you get angry if someone started recording you? Should there be exceptions, like recording kids?

If you believe that public recording should be illegal, doesn't that violate the first amendment? Does that also mean that cops shouldn't be recorded?

What Would You Do If a Random Stranger Pulled Out a Phone and Started Recording You in Public? 26 votes

I wouldn't care.
Black Boy KingDoUwant2go2HeavenCottonCitySlim32DaysOfInfiniti 4 votes
I would do nothing, since it's legal.
StoneColdMikey 1 vote
I would nonviolently confront the stranger.
 i ro nyaf.r.i.c.a.CoolJoeWill Munnynujerz84atribecalledgabitwentyfivelightersKingFreeman 8 votes
I would violently confront the stranger.
KnightryderIdiopathic JokerTheBoyRopennyda1Built 4 cuban linxRickyRich 6 votes
I would start recording the stranger.
Splackavellid1al_t0ne 2 votes
Other (specify)
Bussy_Getta numbaz...80's babyLou CypherValentinez A. KaiserHevalisk 5 votes


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