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if you could go back in time...........



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    im living a life i shouldnt. I had joined the army back in 2001(was prior service anyhow). was shipping out to bootcamp in april and right before i got on the bus, i changed my mind and all hell broke loose all weekend. THEY WAS MADDD! see, they aint care about my life and i didnt either until i was about to really leave. reality hit. they upset about not meeting an end-of-the-month quota. 🤬 yo quota 🤬 . they tried all weekend to get me to change my mind. they even promised to enroll me in officer training. by monday they called one last time and i gave them one last no and it was over.

    in less than 6 months, 9/11 happened.

    so what happened was, i went back and made myself not join the army so that i could live this life.

    oh yeah, time travel is real if you just open up yo mind craig