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🤬 /Trifling 🤬 or nah???

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Thinking back on one of my exes..from bout 10years ago..

I realized that 🤬 bra game was at bare minimum..

🤬 would wear the same bra for days straight..washing that 🤬 out in the sink occasionally
Wake up in the morning and be like..'pass me my bra' (off the floor..smh)

But the 🤬 hygiene was otherwise flawless and her clothes/shoe game was mean, so maybe bras aint that important to 🤬 ?? I know I've worn the same T-shirt, jeans, socks and boxers for dayyyyyyssss straight esp on grind mode.

So wtf? Trifling 🤬 or nah??

🤬 /Trifling 🤬 or nah??? 20 votes

That 🤬 triflin
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She cool/Let it slide
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Other 🤬 gossipin 🤬 gotta add
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