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Reason Interview: StoneColdMikey aka MikeydaGawd

5th Letter
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5th Letter- Where are you from?

StoneColdMikey- Born and raised in the Windy City, , Chicago , Illinois . Please don't call it chiraq nobody from here does except goofies.

5th Letter- I didn't know you guys don't like the Chiraq word

StoneColdMikey- Funny is a lot of actually embraced it but then it caught on with outsiders. A lot of just feel like that's mocking the violence that's happening in my city . Which isn't a laughing matter.

5th Letter- Speaking on the violence in Chicago is it as bad as the media portrays it?

StoneColdMikey- I used to say no. But this year the violence in the city been wild . Even in the "good" parts you see spikes in crime almost totaling 50% increases compared to last year alone . Reason for this is because many if these cops are so 🤬 arrogant that they feel like if they can't be overly aggressive, they won't do their job. Police traffic stops are down 48% while the violence just keep going up. 🤬 isn't a coincidence.

5th Letter- How do you feel when lowkey racists and 🤬 divert to the violence in Chicago when talking about race soldiers killing unarmed black people or when there are riots in other cities?

StoneColdMikey- Cops getting away with killling blacks and violence in Chicago and any other inner city are all apart of the same white supremacist system in place in America. But both problems have two different solutions so bringing up Chicago violence when discussing about a cop killing an unarmed man is irrelevant to the topic at hand.

5th Letter- What was your early life like?

StoneColdMikey- It went from rough to decent really quick. i was living in the west side of Chicago for the first 10 years of my life. Seeing crazy 🤬 . Once I saw my 🤬 father get host dead in front of me, my family moved south west which is cool nice middle class neighborhood. Went to a predominantly white and Mexican school for 2 years but I got in trouble too much over 🤬 . Then my moms had to take to another school which was great because it was predominantly black. Still got into fights and AND in trouble . I was very much a troubled kid until one day I got into a fight with this boy and I busted his head open. I got arrested . The mother was going to press charges but for some reason she changed her mind . My life was saved . Got my 🤬 slowly together, was able to get into one of the best high schools in the city . My life been pretty good since then.

5th Letter- What was the reason you always got into trouble?

StoneColdMikey- ranging from 🤬 reasons like accidentally breaking a ruler and being a class clown ,to getting into a lot of fights and being disrespectful to teachers . Crazy thing is I wasn't that bad at home . Kinda crazy seeing how me and my brothers life is so different . I could had easily been in the streets doing stupid 🤬 like them.especially because they had my dad growing up and I only saw him on weekends when I went there . He was still in my life but I guess me being different from my dad (who also wasn't 🤬 but every man has his flaws and it's good to see him and my mom back together ) having my football coaches there helped molded me to becoming the man I am now which I'm grateful for.

5th Letter- If you don't mind answering what do you do for a living?

StoneColdMikey- I'm still in school criminal justice major. But work wise I'm loss prevention at ross. Which is easy ass job. I basically just stand around greeting customers . My job is basically look like I'm protecting this still even though I can't even reprimand . I like it cool working downtown Chicago

5th Letter- What do you intend to do with your degree?

StoneColdMikey- I always wanted to do federal policing like FBI, home land , 🤬 like that but that means I would have to be a cop.with recent times the thought of being a cop does make me sick even if I feel like I know I would do what's right but knowing I would be helpless even if I'm vocal of the corruption really conflicts me even thought I would be only a cop for a few years . That's too many years for me lol. But recently I been looking into parole and probation work. a lot of these criminals go back to doing criminal work because they have no help or support system . I want to help criminals back into society the right way. Everyone deserves a second chance especially minorities where we don't even get a first chance .

5th Letter- How did you get into hip hop?

StoneColdMikey- I remember being 5-6 hearing DMx and jay on the radio but I really didn't actually loved hip hop or music for that matter until around 8-9 I took my dads 2pac greatest hits cd and just blasted that 🤬 for months like it just came out. All those songs just spoke to me man. I was older so I understood some things when he rapped so I enjoyed it a lot then Right around that time when is when kanye, tip, and Wayne and 50 was doing their things . It's crazy how PAC was dead when I was 2 but he is the reason why I love the art of hip hop.

5th Letter- Pac was a little before your time but why does he resonate with you so much?

StoneColdMikey- That man was just one of kind. His music just hit me . Music is timeless . We all will die one day. But music will stand the test of the time .

5th Letter- Who are some of your favorite and least favorite rappers?

StoneColdMikey- Favorites are Wayne , tip, pac, jay, , cube, kanye, Kendrick, cole, nas asap rocky, ross.

Least favorite ? Man idk tbh of course these soundscan rappers like yachty are trash . But hmmm Troy ave , never got the appeal of cudi solo work , mob deep. Keef,dance rappers that's off top of the head

5th Letter- What are your favorite albums?

StoneColdMikey- Too many LOL but, almost all kanye albums except for TLOP AND YEEZUS MATW AND 7 day theory death certificate , black Album blue print and American gangster , Illmatic, GKMC, Tpab, king and trap muzik, carter 1-3 , . Was easier to make my fav albums from fav rappers

5th Letter- How do you feel about the argument of age and hip hop where they say you can't speak on certain things because of age?

StoneColdMikey- It's bs man. 'Music is music . It doesn't change at all . Only artists change . If something was wack before my time it'll be wack now. If something was good now it would be good back then too . Unless someone my age trying to speak on an event like how the world was when biggie died then it should be all game

5th Letter- How do you feel about people thrashing the newer generation of rappers?

StoneColdMikey- Depends on the rapppers it's still slot of wack 🤬 out but a lot of these rappers are talented just the subject matter people might no agree with . Like future I believe he talented as hell but it's just the subject matter . If he was making music more like cudi or someone like that , he would be more more accepted with older folks imo. But 🤬 tbh older folks don't even like that. Plenty of older posters just hate anything different which isn't cool. Good music is good music

5th Letter- What are your thoughts on today's hip hop?

StoneColdMikey- It could be better . But we are st a point where 🤬 that's week just not selling unless you have a fan base and even then, most rappers with a steady fan base in the last 2-3 years hasn't been wack . It's improving man which is good . Step in the right direction


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    I forgot how young Mikey was.. Alright interview
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    Dope interview, one of the Goat IC posters.

    I got into hiphop heavy around the time Pac died but his music had the same effect on me at a young age, he's the reason I fell in love with hiphop.
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    cool 🤬 bruh.....

    damn du appreciation, lol

    that 🤬 was pretty funny..shout out to ob
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    The Young Gawd Mikey. Salute bruh...
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    Mikey right about the wack posters thing...them 🤬 run rampant in the reason and nobody cares to do anything about it

    And in GNS it looks like a black lives matter forum
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    Mikey is a quality young man though dude been here since he was like 16 and I hope he keeps it up
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    Dope interview!
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    @StonecoldMikey, cool young blood, next time I have a get down @ the crib you'll get a invite
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    1 time, Mikey got the while City lit!

    Mikey, Bride; which Chicago poster got next?
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    Dope interview.
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    5th Letter wrote: »
    StoneColdMikey- Few things. we have to get serious with bad posters. Its no secret traffic is down. i guarantee that letting posters like gee roam around makes would be posters who probably would contribute to this forum just go away and join some bs forum like coli. also the reaction system needs to be revamped. why do i need to post when I can just click GOAT. i'm not saying get rid of all them. I would keep one flag, wack,cosign,ether because this a hip hop board, and WTF. imo thats all we need.but for the time being i think flags should actually be forced. if someone had a bunch of Flags let it be spam or troll. they need to be jailed. i don't even say anybody ban or jail anymore. and if someone's abusing flags they need to get reprimanded too. also of course posters need a thread count per day. posters like icks and stringerbell are legit spam bots with how many irrelevant threads they make. 1/5 quality threads should not be cuttable around here. Start using subforums, GNS looking like race and religion right now which is very unappealing. i believe mods should just be more active in moving traffic and things will slowly get better.


    This 🤬 made me LOL :joy:

    Dope intv
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    Speaking of H-rap when he coming back?
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    Hrap was a great to me
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    My 🤬 , great interview
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    Hol up what perv 🤬 ?
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    Ickis ain't even that bad no more he was legit the chatty patty
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    How the duck you don't like mob deep tho
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