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Chris Rock Scores $40 Million Deal With Netflix For Two Stand-Up Specials

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Comedy legend Chris Rock has scored a $40 million deal with Netflix to do two stand-up specials in the next couple years.

Stand-up legend Chris Rock has scored a huge deal with Netflix. Required to give the streaming company two exclusive stand-up specials, the former SNL-star will be raking in $40 million over the next couple years for his efforts. This is a huge win for Rock and Netflix, the latter of which has recently been winning with some huge exclusive specials with Chelsea Handler and Aziz Ansari.

Pookie hasn't released a stand-up special since 2008's "🤬 the Messenger." He's been busy with other endeavors, such as directing the critically acclaimed feature film "Top 5" and hosting the Academy Awards.

If you've ever seen Rock's stand-up though, you know that's what the man does best. What do you think? Is Chris Rock the best comedian alive today? Check out a few of our favorite Chris Rock stand-up moments below.