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Subtle REVENGE on a neighbor..

yellowtapesport Members Posts: 4,662 ✭✭✭✭✭
I hate these FAT 🤬 🤬 that live upstairs..

🤬 had her speakers on the floor and would be blasting Future (or some other BASS heavy 🤬 ) all times of night so me and this 🤬 had words..

She took the speakers off the floor, and it been bout a peaceful three weeks but last night she did that 🤬 again..

Loud BASS rattling my walls for like thirty minutes till I went and banged on her door..

🤬 that, these 🤬 gotta pay..

I need some ideas for subtle revenge so I can always deny, deny, deny..but deep down them 🤬 know its me!!