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Rap Grid | Daylyt vs John John Da Don | Dope Era No Mask

The Recipe
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Rap Grid | Daylyt vs John John Da Don | Dope Era No Mask 5 votes

John John Da Don
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  • 5th Letter
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    John John Da Don
    Wack battle. But JJDD 2-1, Day forfeited the 2nd round when he choked otherwise he would've won that round.
  • _Goldie_
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    Day threw this battle lol

    lmaooo @ his face when JJDD was rappin, 🤬 was disgusted. He showed he's on a diff level in round 1 and 🤬 the rest of the battle. JJDD knew Day was throwing the battle when he started spitting the same bars from his Sway In The Morning freestyle , that 🤬 JJDD was mad as 🤬 lol, look at his face in the 2nd.
  • *~queenbee~*
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    John John won the last two rounds, but Daylyte did get him in the first one.