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I got fired from my new job

supergangster Members Posts: 8,872 ✭✭✭✭✭
🤬 sucks i was gonna work from 8-16 around 14.00 i slap the 🤬 outa a kid. This Job u take care of autistic children.. this kid was spittin on me HE bout 6.. first i yell at him to show its wrong.. second time i yell more.. third time i went bak to the classroom to take care of other..this kid 5 and HE 🤬 in his pants . i Guess i made him scared.. fk they let me Change his diapers and this kid laughed.. HE smart he was playin games w me.. when we went for dinner he made up lies to the other teachers that i beat him.. i swear i never beat him Only Said do never 🤬 in yours pants ever Again when IM around..
After the lunch i confront him askin why he makin 🤬 up.. HE farted & spit on me !as the first kid i was so 🤬 so i punched him in the face.. he good a blue eye 🤬 i ran Home.. 🤬 i was gonna make Money.. fk