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The Thread of Positivity!!

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OTTB, don't you dare be sowahhh!!! Still hard to believe we're 4 days removed from the end of New Day's almost 500 day title reign. Well this is a thread to feel the Power of Positivity (POP - hollitdown), share some of your favorite moments of New Day's title reign, and feel the powah!!


  • Guy Gardner
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    Someone else will have to post the video, but the debut of Francesca in NY as Xavier played New York New York while the New Day was still heels, but their gimmick had started to go the snarky route and they were still experimenting ...

    That was literally them trolling the crowd so hard that the initial boo's turned into cheers right on front of us....that's when we all realized they were going to have to go face... Cuz people couldn't even boo them anymore
  • Peezy_Jenkins
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    How bout the 4 way tag after that, when they won with the trickery and had that celebration, but started it off by Tryna pin each other lol
  • KnowReasonForPeace
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    Xavier needs to become a manager for a mid card heel to build them up, and big e needs to go to smack down to build his status as a powerhouse and not a big goofy hip gyrating 🤬 .