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Twisted Insane-Shoot For the Face 2(12/31)

genocidecutter Members Posts: 17,825 ✭✭✭✭✭
1. The Initial High
2. The Return
3. Down the Street (Skit)
4. What’s Up
5. Lucifer
6. A Message to the Rap Game
7. Full Spead Ahead (ft. Dalima, Kamikazi)
8. Drugs Sex and Violence (ft. Charlie Ray)
9. The Hardest (ft. Dikulz)
10. Oe
11. The Taco Shop
12. Chop Suey (ft. Brotha Lynch Hung, ISO)
13. Netflix and 🤬 (ft. Blayne, Lyrikal)
14. Won’t Pass
15. 🤬 Em All (ft. Charlie Ray)
16. Promise (ft. ISO)
17. Sad Song
18. Creepin Thru the Dark

Twisted Insane is back with another banger