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The Best Sound of the Underground

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>>..:*Check out my boys! Soul of Athens!*:..<<

From Athens, Ohio, The DysFunktional Family has been shutting down shows and upsetting the establishment for a quarter century with their Hip Hop state of mind.

Together since 2000, the Dysfunktional Family members Hil and Schwartz have been honing their skills as lyricists together in various basements and bedrooms. Going through many musical hardships, Hil and Schwartz have recorded 7 albums since being together, but only 4 have ever seen the light of day.

Since their 2007 self titled official record release under Athens, Ohio label, PlusOne Records, the Dysfunktional Family has been promoting and performing all over the united states East Coast from Ohio to Florida.

Currently, the Family is working on their second official release entitled The Dysfunktional Family Feud. The entire album is produced by the DysFunktional Family members, and is expected to be out by the end of summer, 2007.