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Well Damn! Shenco's Producer Finally Breaks The Silence On How Standardized Slaughter Came About



  • DarthRozay
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    Lefty_ wrote: »
    They going to have a Skit on the joint like the one just before I love the dough on life after death but instead of shooting dice they're going to be playing jacks.

    they gonna be playin yugioh on that 🤬 talkin bout "ya'll down to play cards?"
  • Rum Middleton
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    5th Letter wrote: »
    I dont fully understand the Shenco roast, I must have missed somethin, but I just know ya'll clown him on here...and this 🤬 had me dead LOL

    The song wasn't really that good in the first place. Granted there has been worse songs posted on here. But Shenco rubbed people the wrong way prior to dropping that song. So when it dropped people took it as an opportunity to roast him. Maybe if people didn't dislike him as much his song wouldn't have been roasted like that. It didn't help that he had an inflated ego like he accomplished anything in the music business. I did like how he didn't start defending his music which had he did that it would've made things worse for him. Pretending that people roasting his art didn't bother him was funny too.

    Gotcha.....I heard it for the first time last night, it WAS kinda cheesy and corny, but there were a few bars that he kicked that were straight.

  • BlackAX410
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    Axel you gotta hand in your 90's kid card after that statement

    Didn't watch either show growing up lls
  • Ghostdenithegawd
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    Sion wrote: »
    I dont fully understand the Shenco roast, I must have missed somethin, but I just know ya'll clown him on here...and this 🤬 had me dead LOL

    Shenco was being arrogant and 🤬 off A LOT of people. Whenever they'd call him out he'd say he's too big to respond and post a Jay-Z lyric or something SMMFH. Peezy dropped a diss record and Shenco didn't want to battle him. In one of my old Reason interviews, he actually told me Peezy was one of his favourite rappers on here but asked me to change it when the beef popped off. It didn't stop there a few other IC rappers dissed him and I'm another interview Shenco said he was better than them and too big to respond in a diss song. He later came to the GnS and Donkey threads with his nose in the air 🤬 off cats there and simping Lady Zee (there's another funny story in that as well). On and on Shenco went 🤬 people off, rubbing them the wrong way. So one day he made a thread in the Reason to check out his new song Standardized Slaughter and by that time 🤬 had enough and finally lynched and ethered him.

    It wasn't about the song 🤬 were just sick and tired of his nose in the air attitude and frequently 🤬 people off. Same thing is why Towers, cousin of sleep, and S2J got ran off. Gotta be humble and respect ppl.

    I ain't know none of that 🤬 my 🤬 it was strictly about that wackass song for me and his Rap name was corny as 🤬
  • AZTG
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    Cain wrote: »
    lmaoooo @ that newgrounds find. Not surprising that shenco got his Paw Patrol beat from the whitest site of the 1990s.

    that 🤬 too weak even for Kidz Bop albums. i bet if you play Standardized Slaughter in front of coma patients they wake up just to turn that 🤬 off. in guatanamo, when theyask if youd rather be waterboarded or listen to 10 seconds of Shenco, the prisoners ask, "So is the water gonna be room temperature?". I heard planned parenthood plays shencos greatest hits in the waiting room so abortion no longer seems so bad.

    plus i heard that 🤬 dropped out of community college. LMAO


    Swear I thought of this pic when I read the bold


    Almost busted my ass reading this 🤬 on the treadmill. Bust out laughing and almost lost my legs. Smh
  • MrCrookedLetter
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    DarthRozay wrote: »
    "I'm the best drug dealer, I'm the worst drug dealer!"

    feel like those lines would make a cool stereotypical trap record with the right beat and adlibs

    LOL I remember when Goobs dissed Shenco, 🤬 was hilarious.
  • #jpp
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    MallyG wrote: »
    #jpp wrote: »
    I bet if you play Standardized Slaughter in front of coma patients they wake up just to turn that 🤬 off.
    Yoooooooooo. LMAO!

    Bruh, when I read that, I literally visualized a man waking/getting up from a year long coma and unpluging that 🤬 while everybody in the room is happy realizing a miracle has occurred. But he doesn't say nothin' & jus hops his ass right back in the bed to continue his coma. LOLOLOLOL

    Same here. 🤬 just waking up to dead that 🤬 , then falling back into a coma. What the 🤬 , lol.
  • VIBE
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    He has to have the record in L's.

    It starts out an L and some how grows.. bruh has Hulk L's by the end of the thread
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