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Who is the all-time Royal Rumble MVP?

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-Stone Cold: Has the most Rumble wins (3), 2 of which came on back to back years (1997, 1998). Has a total of 36 all-time eliminations.

-Shawn Michaels: Also has 2 back to back Rumble wins (1995, 1996). Has 39 total eliminations in his 12 Rumble appearances. Has spent the 3rd longest cumulative time in Rumble matches.

-Hulk Hogan: Won back to back Rumbles (1990, 1991). Had 9 eliminations in the 1989 Rumble match.

-Kane: #1 for most Rumble appearances (19) and total eliminations (44). Has 2nd most single-match eliminations (11). Spent over 53 mins in the 2001 Rumble.

-Triple H: Has won 2 Rumbles (2002, 2016). Has spent the longest cumulative time in Rumble match (3hrs, 59mins, 37secs) and has 33 total eliminations.

-John Cena: Won the Royal Rumble match in 2008 and 2013....

Who is the all-time Royal Rumble MVP? 15 votes

Stone Cold
PanchoYoSanchoMax.Idiopathic JokerAlready Home_17lookdudeMister B.Trollio OGDirtyDee 8 votes
Shawn Michaels
gucci7383willhustlekj_da_midwest_mobstajoeyfkncrakkvageneral08KnowReasonForPeace 6 votes
Hulk Hogan
Triple H
John Cena
VIBE 1 vote


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