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Video of Motorcyclist Being Forced Off the Road in Deadly Event Sparks Protest

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Footage taken from the dash cam of a police cruiser chasing down a motorcyclist in South Carolina has sparked cries for justice, after the bike was reared off of the road, and the man driving it, killed one week ago.

The video, which since being released by the Berkeley County Sheriff's office, has been reported on by nationwide media outlets, and it shows the April 19 incident as it unfolds. Deputy James Vansant had been in pursuit of Robert Lee Clark Jr., 30, for driving through Summerville at a speed of 66 mph, in a 45 mph zone. As the recording progresses, the deputy begins to clearly close the distance, but he gets a little too close and bumps Clark Jr. Moments later Vansant bumps Clark again, only this time, the collision sends Clark flying off of the road. He would be pronounced dead at the scene.

In a statement released by the Sheriff's office, Clark is said to have braked sharply before missing a gear, thus causing him to slow down rather than accelerate. But a group calling itself "Justice for Robert Lee Clark Jr." is calling for action to be taken against Berkeley County, stating on its Facebook page that "One time is an accident; two times is murder." They are reported to have gotten T-Shirts made that read, "Don't wreck us; don't 🤬 us," and plan on taking their protest to the streets.

An investigation into the sequence of events that lead to Clark Jr.'s death is underway. Deputy Vansant has been placed on administrative leave.