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What advice would you have for lil homie?

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Would you consider this love and unity or stupidity and naive?


  • Idiopathic Joker
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    No advice. You made your bed. Lay in it.
  • b'mer...
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    His mom tho...if she wanna play grandma thsts on her. Bit dont force him into being the father, giving courts the authority to lock him in financially for life...
  • 808HiLife808
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    daaamn bih...lettin everybody shoot it up...

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  • VulcanRaven
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    None but what;s up with YouTube links and Twitter links not showing on the site anymore? They done 🤬 that up too now SMH
  • T. Sanford
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    What part of the game is this lol. How the mother is going to tell the boy how to be a man. Why the girl couldn't be a real woman & avoid all of this? Did you not just hear the results, mother? Those kids ain't mines, so why would I raise another guy's child. Run brother run away all of them
  • YamoleySensei
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    Word, let moms play grandma and provider for them two babies and let that young brotha live his life. Homie should've been raised in a West Indian household. If I was in a situation like that at seventeen, I could hear all kinds of "I tell ya so, ya idiot" and " leave that wicked woman and those bastard babies alone" from momdukes.
  • obnoxiouslyfresh
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    His mother should be ashamed of herself. She should be doing cartwheels on that damn stage
  • Copper
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    I have the biggest issue with his momma
  • Copper
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    Wilkos was holding back but he was tryna tell that kid he dogded a bullet and move on w/o offending the 🤬 and her mother
  • Trillfate
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    Copper wrote: »
    She telling a 16yr old to be a man...and take care of someone else's kids.

    I have an issue with women telling men being a man means taking care of somebodies kids...its great if you do but it doesnt define what a man is and its okay if you dont want to

    She was projecting... she was probably a single teen mother too and wished a 🤬 put on a cape and saved her back then
  • blakfyahking
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    bruh I just watched that whole video

    poor parenting all around.......that lil 🤬 needs to tie his shoes up and run and never look back

    SMH @ his mom for talking that foolishness telling that young 🤬 to be a stepfather to them kids

    sad part is I could understand him still having an attachment to the kids, but the young mom is too much of a sket....... he needs to wash his hands of shorty before he gets even more caught up

    🤬 is terrible......I hope at least the kids got the same father, but I doubt it
  • T. Sanford
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    The mother is trying to dictate what a real man do while she probably don't have one in her household. The biological father probably out, living life, prepping himself for college while this guy's mother trying to force him to take care of some kids that's not his. She got the game messed up out chea
  • goldenja
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    Better you than me
  • ineedpussy
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    yeah i can tell he dont have a father in the home because if that was my son......i would call him a 🤬 🤬 first for 🤬 in a nothin ass 🤬 and taking responsibility for another 🤬 kids. then we would jump for joy knowing that he missed those bullets and that he can enjoy his life. then when we got home i would of shot myself cause i raised a 🤬 🤬
  • 808HiLife808
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    that chick was prob pregnant on the show too..and it stiiill aint gonna be his
  • So ILL
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    If that was my little brother of cousin or whatever, we'd be kicking it to get his mind all off that girl. You can still be in the kid's lives if you want as an uncle or big homie or whatever and that's cool because you love them, but make it clear that you don't owe none of them 🤬 . But you ain't thinking about none of that until you come off this smooth hangover, little 🤬 lol.