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The Devil Made me Do It... Demons in the Game of Hip Hop... Diddy, Suge, Baby, Etc...

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I notice a lot of run on different ideals and you can easily tell those who got gamed up from MTV/Media versus those that got it from the streets We hear the stories about Suge and Baby or Diddy or whatever(Former) Mogul has just done some over the top thing, most never seem to realize they are but disposable cogs in a great scheme of modern media distraction from what is really going on. We have all these shootings on the unarmed blacks, whites and hispanics But are more Concerned with Drake, KDot, DMX, Kanye Meek or Suge. All that said Why are these fools always acting out right after some real 🤬 happens is it a intentional distraction???


  • mistabooks
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    I have a book written by Mark Curry titled 'Dance With The Devil'. In the book, he explained everything Diddy did to the artists under Bad Boy records. Industry shady rule #4080. Remember?
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