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Raleigh pigs Outraged After Restaurant Workers Sing 'F#ck the Police' at Officers

stringer bell
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Raleigh Police Outraged After Restaurant Workers Sing 'F the Police' at Officers

GARNER, N.C. – An incident at a Wake County restaurant is making headlines across the country.

The Raleigh Police Protective Association posted on its Facebook account Friday that employees of the Smithfield’s Chicken ‘n Bar-B-Q on Jones Sausage Road in Garner sang NWA’s “F*** the Police” as some Raleigh officers were eating at the restaurant.

The union wants the employees involved to be suspended or terminated.

The owner of the franchise, David Harris, released a statement stating that he would terminate any employee "that doesn't share our RESPECT of ALL law enforcement."

Sunday, the Raleigh Police Department’s Facebook account released this statement: “Chief Deck-Brown and the Raleigh Police Department, along with the representatives from Smithfield's, have been working collaboratively to resolve the issue. The Raleigh Police Department appreciates the long term and strong relationship it continues to have with Smithfield's.”



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    Aww boo 🤬 hoo
  • The Lonious Monk
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    Well they didn't 🤬 anyone in response. That's progress... I guess.
  • Trollio
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    Pigs in a blanket
  • R0mp
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    Like Big John Mccarthy said, you're gonna get this said to you if you are a cop. Nut up.
  • whatevathehell
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    Employee S were bold as hell..smithfield got some good chicken and lol at a road being named Jones sausage
  • playmaker88
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    No video

    Im dissapoint
  • Elzo69Renaissance
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    Freedom of Speech
  • onetoughmiracle
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  • Crude_
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    Freedom of Speech

    People love that freedom of speech until people start saying some ish that goes against everything they believe in.

    I like the solidarity amongst the workers and they were well within their rights, but the owner is well within his rights to terminate them as well.

    I respect them for standing up for what they believe in though.
  • stringer bell
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    Raleigh police chief: No restaurant employees sang 'F the Police' | abc11.com

    RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) --
    The Raleigh Police Department said Wednesday that no employees sang "F the Police" following allegations that officers were disrespected while eating at a Raleigh restaurant last week.

    The allegations surfaced after a member of the Raleigh Police Protective Association (RPPA) took to the group's Facebook account to express concern over an incident last Friday at the Smithfield's Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q on Jones Sausage Road. The post read:

    "Thank you Smithfield's Chicken & Barbeque Jones Sausage location for the class and professionalism as you sang "F the Police" as my brothers at Raleigh Police Department attempted to eat at your restaurant. The manager sang along as well. Do you really feel that was appropriate?"

    The post claimed employees of the restaurant were singing NWA's song "F--- the Police" as they ate.

    However, Raleigh's police chief released a statement Wednesday saying despite reports, the two officers only witnessed one employee make eye contact with them and mouth the words "F... the Police."

    Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown said there was no singing, and no other employees were involved in the incident. She also said it was not witnessed by anyone else in the restaurant.

    The lawyers for the Raleigh restaurant collaborated with Raleigh Police to conduct an internal investigation.

    Through interviews, they learned the two Raleigh officers were about 25 feet away from the employee when they saw the employee mouth the words.

    During a press conference Wednesday morning, lawyers for the franchise owner said the employee is no longer with the company. Officials said the employee decided to quit once attorneys began their investigation.

    Raleigh Police and attorneys for the franchise owner said the firestorm was a result of misinformation on social media.

    Once the officer shared the information, it was shared among other officers and their followers.

    "There's no filter there is no policing to it," Attorney for franchise owner Mark O'Mara said. "There's nothing to say this is just not right. The way it was reported, tweeted and reposted was absolutely wrong."

    "The Raleigh Police Department seeks to serve all members and all elements of the community in fairness and without bias," Deck-Brown's statement said in part. "We expect the same in return and are confident that Smithfield's Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q share those same values. The first step in creating understanding between two parties is to come together to communicate. I'm proud to say, we've done exactly that."

    The owner of the restaurant said he really wants to put out the message that he does not condone disrespect of police.

    He is displaying his appreciation for police with this marquee message: SCNBLUE.
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    Maaaaan. As if I need another reason....🤬 the Police
  • VulcanRaven
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    They can read mouths 25 feet away? Ok.
  • Inglewood_B
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    Typical pig behavior. Lying to the public for something even as silly as this
  • optimistic
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    They lied and got shook when the 🤬 went viral mufuckas was trying to get free BBQ. FOH...

  • brown321
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    Cop should be fired.
  • R0mp
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    *In my David Clarke voice* You all are a bunch of cop HATERS!
  • skpjr78
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  • Kat
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    What are their comments on Jordan Edwards? Are they also "outraged" about that?

    Words don't 🤬 you..they'll be alright.
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