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From Reddit: What can White folk do to show they're allies / be more proactive in the fight

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How do you want whites to be allies, or to be helpful, in fighting racism? Do you want us to be actively engaged and if so how?

There clearly exists a strand of nonblack folks that sympathize with the fight and wanna help. Besides murdering all white people (I know someone gonna mention it anyway) what do you honestly think nonblack americans can do to fight the power?


  • CeLLaR-DooR
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    Could be a good thread. SL mod, use some initiative and move this to GnS
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    Shopping at Black owned businesses as often as possible is a good start. Donating to Black colleges and scholarships would also be good.
  • playmaker88
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    Each one teach one..


    Raise your kids to accept rather than tolerate

    know your place, Don't Doleza
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  • luke1733
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    vote for reparations and meet to start legislation
  • rickmogul
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    Stay out of our way. Biggest show of understanding​ they can have but aren't programmed like that.
  • the_focused_one
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    They can educate those who want to learn.

    The ones who have businesses can hire Black Americans when they are the most qualified person for the job.

    The ones who distribute money can make loans to those that qualify.

    They can get rid of Liberal Academia and Affirmative Action, which only promotes victimhood mentalities and all but guarantees failure for those who are unprepared for the challenges at hand.

    Outside of that, non-Blacks can't help Black Americans. We have got to get back to establishing the family. We need to stop having kids out of wedlock and fathers need to be in the home. We need to get gangs and drugs out of our communities, and yes sometimes that means snitching-regardless of hip-hop telling us to do otherwise. We have to actually embrace the open minds of our youth who wanna be different and stop calling them "whitewashed" and 🤬 and 🤬 when they have different opinions in politics or interests in art, books, and STEM instead of being fly and playing sports.

    If Black American wealth were to become a nation tomorrow, it would be one of the 20th wealthiest nations on planet Earth from the jump.

    Education and generational wealth is the key, and that can be done with or without non-Blacks involved in the process.
  • MistyKnight
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    They can help by staying the 🤬 away from us.
    Everything we do or try to create, they destroy (black Wallstreet) or try to claim and reinvent (cultural appropriation).
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