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How much does the AVERAGE WWE/TNA roster person make?

Mister B.
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All the training, all the shows, how does that pay off for the regular talent spot? We're not talking about the top draws; we're talking about the mid-level spots and lower-level champs?

Anyone got any research for that?


  • jono
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    A solid midcard guy in WWE is six figures at least.

    Ken Shamrock was offered $1 million to stay when he left in like 1999. He main evented 1 PPV the entire time.

    I heard Viscera was making over 100,000 a year and that 🤬 was in a main event in 1995 but his highest pay was 250,000 and that was in 2008 when he was virtually nothing.

    So I imagine a solid guy like a cesaro is probably making 100K easy. A higher midcarder like maybe 125. A jabroni like Curt Hawkins or something 🤬 knows. He should be paying them to be on TV.

    These are also guys who don't sell merch. Merch moving is bonus points.

    TNA would probably be a few hundred or a low five figures. It would depend on travel accommodations and all that.

    Rey Mysterio indy fee is 20,000 a show. That's insane by the way.
  • kingofbama205
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    I read somewhere that Jinder was only making 75k & that's a average base salary for a Regular guy
  • TheBoyRo
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    Jinders pay is most likely going up cause he's WWE champion. The Indy guys who went thru NXT have made/making more than the NXTers who didn't go thru the indies.
  • dalyricalbandit
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    how much a jobber makes might try out if 🤬 good lol
  • twizza 77
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    Midcard 75k to 100k plus merch. I wonder how Zack Ryder was making when he was insanely over.
  • thephantasm
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    $2000 a match.