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RBE: O-Red vs ShowOff from the “Blood Sweat & Tiers 5” event

stringer bell
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Rare Breed Entertainment releases the official battle footage for the O-Red vs ShowOff battle that went down at RBE’s “Blood Sweat & Tiers 5” event.

RBE: O-Red vs ShowOff from the “Blood Sweat & Tiers 5” event 7 votes

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  • gifted
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    O-red was getting gassed by the crowd. Dude has mediocre bars with performance and a clear choke in the second, which might have been his best round. Show off had bars but was too mellow or the mics were off or something until round 3. Still Show off 2-1 with the last two rounds.
  • Sage Wonder
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    Mediocre bars? Nah, you just aint got an ear for penmanship, he was 🤬 saying some incredible 🤬 .
  • DOPEdweebz
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    Ored the GOAT. Plain and simple.
  • $tayRichROLLIN
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    Ored the GOAT. Plain and simple.

    Ored looked invincible
  • LaRoacé
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    He whooped showoff convincingly
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