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The Foreigner Trailer (Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan)

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This look dope af. Not your typical Jackie Chan movie


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    Fitting end to Police Story imo

    Huh? What does this have to do with the police story series? @Black_Samson
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    This looks like it will be really good
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    Anyone seen this yet? Looks like it's going to be good
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    My girl gonna make me see this friday

    Nice to see Big Krit get on the soundtrack
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    Cain wrote: »
    Anyone seen this yet? Looks like it's going to be good

    Yeah I did it was good. The beginning third is very repetitive though, with Jackie Chan's character trying to get the names of the guys that planted the bomb that killed his daughter. It's literally going to different people and asking for the names, calling different people for the names, then going to talk to the people in person for the names, and he's just depicted as this sad old man who is grief stricken so it's not like he's doing badass asskicking in the first third to get the names.

    But once it starts to get going it's good. Lots of Irish accents so anyone that isn't great at listening to accents might have trouble picking up on the dialogue.

    I forget if the director is American or not, but I know he's done at least a couple Bond films. This doesn't feel as cliche as some American action films feel, there's no random romance partway through the film, and there isn't your stereotypical badass one-liners or "I have a particular set of skills..." from Taken.

    I'd recommend it.
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    I just seen it a few hours ago and I liked it. Jackie did his thing in this and he did just about as much dramatic acting as actual action sequences.