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Craziest comments you have ever seen online?

Preach2Teach I can't swim but my soul wont drown.Members Posts: 3,429 ✭✭✭✭✭
Was just on the pirate pay trying to get on to download some 🤬 when I noticed a comment in the chat section, here it is..

"When I told my dad I was 🤬 he said "IF YOU WANNA BE A 🤬 🤬 IN THIS HOUSE YOU'RE GONNA TAKE MY 🤬 JUST LIKE YOUR MOMMA DOES!" and 🤬 the 🤬 out of me while holding his hand over my mouth. I was playing a practical joke on him and I'm actually straight though. It was hilarious and we still call him a 🤬 when it gets brought up at holidays and stuff."

Add on people.