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Eminem 8th studio album "Revival" 12/15/17



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    Broddie wrote: »
    Broddie wrote: »
    He has social anxiety and suffers from low confidence. Hence why he stays at home and rocks that swaggerless hoody/hat combo for the past 7 years.

    That's why he takes critique very hard.

    Kinda hard to believe when a rapper is very outspoken in their music but in real life they're actually shy and anxious.

    Bro I suffered from depression and social anxiety disorder growing up. Straight up lone wolf most of my life. I'm also a creative type and let me tell ya trying to please everyone just accentuates depression. It doesn't help it.
    #metoo fam


    Gotta love the male language on here. I dealt w the same 🤬 . People pleasing is a 🤬 , I don't like social gatherings n have to drag myself to 🤬 , till this day. But to what has been said, when u realize you can't make EVERYBODY happy and focus on self, that's when freedom reigns
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    Gangsta Em > Rock Em
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    Thought this guy loved hip hop.

    Why don't he reach of to the youngins in Detroit and have them feature on his songs or something? At least a mixtape.

    I predict the beats on this project will be trash.

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    Drake would literally shut down a mall in America, Europe and Africa with every gender from the ages 11-30 showing up.

    Eminem could only pull in 13 year old call of duty fan boys.

    Not joking whatsover. This is 2017 not 2002.

    If Revival doesn't out sell Views i will send u $5K by pay pal no word of a lie. If it doesn't out sell it then i will keep my word and pay pal u the money @Busta Carmichael just a reminder that Eminem has sold over a 175 million records in total while Drake has sold 10 million records in total (won't lie wanted to 🤬 u of by reminding u of this hence why Eminem is a mega star and way more popular than Drake and why Eminem out sells everyone else for fun haha)



    @Stew @Sion @Idiopathic Joker @5th Letter

    Someone get ahold of this crazy 🤬

    I want....my money

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