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OFFICIAL VIDEO: Migos x Cardi B x Nicki Minaj - Motor Sport

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@Bcotton5 !!!!




  • soul rattler
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    The light skin chick got the best verse.
  • Serious Juice Mayne
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    Nikki verse sound dated to me man nobody wanna hear that old young money 🤬 cardi b got the best relevant verse the hoes in the club gunna turn up to and can rap word for word. Cardi won
  • Mr 202
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    Cant believe I'm saying this but Cardi right now is like a breath of fresh air judging from her verse from the song she featured in with one of the Asap guys and this motor boat song.this song would have been better if it ended after her verse. I don't wanna hear the forced 🤬 from Nikki no more.she should go to London or France or some where, just go on tour with her old 🤬 just to stay outta the states.nobody wants to keep hearing her trying to prove she's something she's not any more.
  • thatboydizz
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    Cardi b killin 🤬 right now
  • Koltrain
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    Cardi surprised me..
  • Figo
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    song weak but nicki wreck more on the track than both artist.
  • Trillaaaaaa
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    Cardi da gawdess
  • genocidecutter
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  • f.e.d.s.
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    Not really feeling this one
  • Mr.LV
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    Offset just proposed to Cardi lol

    He must of heard that keyshia Ka'oir interview in the morning on breakfast club cause he is tweek'n right now.
  • Cutler 26 INT's LOL!
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    I thought both ladies killed it. Shout out to Takeoff he don’t get the credit he deserves on these songs he killed it too.

    That’s dope Offset proposed to her.
  • Peezy_Jenkins
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    Doesnt seem like a lead single but we'll see, Wish they just highlighted takeoff on here, cardi went in, cut Nicki verse in half