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VICE NEWS : gang initiation (17 mins)



  • gum989
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    Kwan Dai wrote: »
    NY has always had gangs. Latin Kings,lo life and Decepts were active in the 90's. But even then your crew, or posse may have conducted themselves as if it were a gang. Blood or Crip life is just a different name to what has always been going on one way or another.

    Goes back well before that. "Rubble Kings" is a good reference. Was on Netflix.
  • ineedpussy
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    my 🤬 he has to be a stupid 🤬 . wtf would make you get in a gang? you might as well, went to college and got jumped into a fraternity....at least they have "connections" so ive heard. even though they probably dont know any ceo's of fortune five hundred companies.
  • genocidecutter
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    He got beat
  • dalyricalbandit
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    I never understood getting your ass beat by 🤬 that I tryna roll with.

    You whoop my ass or jump me Next time I see u I'm stallion on you
  • onetoughmiracle
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    Idiot...plain and simple
  • So ILL
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    Lost-ass 🤬 , banging in 2017 is an automatic L. It's 100 times worse that he's past impressionable preteen-age joining a gang.
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