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Smack/URL One Off: Prep vs Chef Trez

5th Letter
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Smack/URL One Off: Prep vs Chef Trez 4 votes

don_simmyFyHunnitSage WonderR2_163 4 votes
Chef Trez


  • Sage Wonder
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    Prep 3-0.. he's been quietly redeeming himself. He needs a good matchup to get back into the convo.
  • R2_163
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    edited December 2017
    Prep had all the haymakers of the match
    Edged 1 and destroyed in the 3rd
  • FyHunnit
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    Prep was impressive this battle
  • gifted
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    No body. 2-1 either way. I edged it to prep on first watch. Entertaining battle that I wasn’t expecting. Both 3rds were nice. Prep might had better crowd reaction. The twins angle might have won him the battle.
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