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Is this a real thing IC? This dude at my job "Throws away the last piece of food for the chef"

King Ghidorah
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Kinda heated IC, I think this 🤬 at my job straight demon stupid. I've been working with this dude for 6 years in the same work area, and I've picked up one of his habits that annoy the 🤬 out of me. This 🤬 never finishes his food, he always throws away the last bit. Chips, potluck plates, peanuts, anything. So we working today right, and this 🤬 going through some famous amos and it clicks, Imma watch the 🤬 and get this 🤬 solved right. He gets to the end, looks inside the bag, grabs ONE cookie, then shakes the bag indicting 1 more cookie in the bag, he throws the bag away and I come in from the left

"Aye bruh, I think you had one more cookie in there" slid that 🤬 in smooth right. This 🤬 come back POW "Yea, that's for the chef?" 🤬 my blood went cold, I instantly thought this 🤬 was 🤬 , sling blade 🤬 . 🤬 had me stuttering and 🤬 , I called him a dumb 🤬 straight up, but this was for real so we almost got into it. I gotta stop saying IC 🤬 in real life before I end up on world star. 🤬 at work clowning me cause I'm legit upset and now they all saying people do it and I'm sure they 🤬 with me. Nobody actually does that 🤬 right? I wouldn't ask y'all 🤬 usually, but my workplace is biased right now, and im not gonna tell my homegirl at all. So it's up to y'all, 🤬 .