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My HomeTheater Project

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I turned an extra room in my house into a home theater. The idea came to me in the end of May and was completed by the 2nd week of June but I officially want to say its done today after installing the 2nd row riser and the 7 ceiling speakers and 2 Subs.

So this project took me 2 weeks to complete and I did all this by myself not 1 person helped me wth anything I moved everything and threw everything out myself, painted it myself and set it up myself.
I took no time off from work either to do this either my days off or after work I'll work on the room.
But for those who know me know when I start on a project I'll find a way to finish.

So I painted the room dark colors preferably black and gray (Raider Colors) did a black ceiling and grey walls. I already had hardwood flooring so I got the padding from Costco which was super cheap and protects the flooring.

-The projector screen is the Elite 110 inch and the projector is a 4k Optima UHD65 that looks amazing.

-I got 2 sets of 4 reclining leather seating which I got for a steal from Amazon. I installed LED lights and USB chargers in all the arm rests. And color changing LED light strips under the chairs.
I also installed a wifi led light strip on the walls that works with Alexa so its voice activated.

-As for the speakers 8 truAudio ceiling speakers I got for a super good price from a guy who does our Audio at work.
And (2) 300Watt wireless Klipch subwoofers that shake the ground. One in the front and one in the back.

-I have a PS4,bluray,dishnetwork and fire stick hooked up.
My media rack consists of a power conditioner that all my things are connected to,to protect it from a power surge.
Everything runs off my DENON Receiver. I'm running everything wirelessly not running wires. Im using s device called IOGEAR. Works great.
I put acoustic foam all over the room in a design form so it doesn't look sloppy and put up black curtains to block any light during the day.

-The movie posters and frames I got for a steal the posters are Goodfellas,Casino,Scarface,Godfather,Boyz N Da Hood, above the rim, training day,paid in full,Friday,Taxi,Bronx tale.Juice, die hard,lion king,toy story,batman and Robbin and space jam. Also got some lion king, batman, spiderman, iron man decor.

As for the snacks and food I have all types of candy from sour to chocolate,cotton candy,🤬 jacks. A real pop corn machine, hot dog roller machine,nachos and slushies and fridge filled with drinks.
It was a mission doing all this myself but it was worth it.

Watching games and movies,playing games are much better now.